An Analysis on ‘Flag’ by John Agard



I bit in the all butter chocolate chip cookie savoring the chocolate melting in my mouth as I thought of all the possibilities on how to present my analysis.

The class was in happy chatter as soon as the teacher left and closed the door behind her. She had given us some poetry to analyse and then write an analysis on it. I was at my wits end thinking of a creative way in analysing. Our English teacher became complete opposite of her easy going nature when it came to reading our work especially essays.

Wanting to prove myself essay worthy I quickly wrote everything from very first impressions and my opinions of the poem onto the paper. To make sure I covered everything I asked Linea, my assigned partner to write everything she thought of it too. This is what we came up with:



3 thoughts on “An Analysis on ‘Flag’ by John Agard

  1. Mustafa says:

    What level did u get

  2. ognjen says:

    is this A*? or A/B?

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